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Engage Your Customers on Any Channel, All at Once

Meet BumpYard – A holistic communication center that manages your multiple channels and interactions with customers all in one.


Upgrade Your Customer Service and Save Money

Online agents get more done.
Boosting the efficiency of your service agents makes your customers happier.


Offer cross-media Customer Service

Your customers are out there using every imaginable platform.
We’ll help you communicate with them wherever they are.


BumpYard is now CommBox.io!

We’re extremely excited to announce that we have successfully rebranded our company to CommBox. It’s still the same company with the same awesome people and a great product! Just a new name, a fresh look, and a brighter future. Read full story here.


BumpYard lets your agents personalize interaction with your customers through any service channel from a single smart inbox, without compromising each channel's native features.

Unlike standard CRM and ticketing solutions, BumpYard's smart inbox represents a brand new holistic approach to customer communications, allowing agents to serve their customers in a much more natural and collaborative way, as well as enabling them to handle 3 times as many inquiries!

Empower Customer Experience Like Never Before

BumpYard offers a variety of proprietary applications that enable you to engage your customers in the most responsive and effective way whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them.

Now you can easily launch new service channels and deliver a unified customer experience, regardless of whether it is through email, chat, video chat, SMS, MMS, voice, social media pages or application stores.

One Platform to Engage Them All

BumpYard is a completely open, customizable and secure platform that let you optimize your customer engagement on all communication channels by using ready APIs, flexible configuration and advanced AI technologies.
BumpYard uses AI technologies to track customer activity and automatically generate rules and actions that help executives and agents to improve their organizations' service, support and sales capabilities.
We let you create service bots, engage customers automatically and perform predefined actions upon identifying their intentions based on complex logic.

Fast Simple Setup

We know that operating multiple channels can be quite the hassle. Not to mention the thought of introducing a new system can be slightly nerve wracking. BumpYard can be easily deployed both On-Site and in the Cloud so that you can get faster, more efficient customer service within hours.

Seamless CRM Integration

Whether your company is large or small, BumpYard’s centralized system can accommodate any size and be integrated into your company’s current system quickly, smoothly and safely in one single point of integration while covering all existing and future channels.

Enterprise Grade Security

BumpYard’s system meets the most stringent security standards and gives your security team complete peace of mind.

Enterprise-Scale Ready

Flooded with customer requests? Whether you have 1000 requests today and 10,000 tomorrow BumpYard is designed to be flexible enough to handle any amount and grow with your needs, without losing efficiency.

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